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Frank Magliochetti – Parcae Capital

ClickStream is a technology company focused on developing apps and digital platforms that disrupt conventional industries. The company is currently marketing and developing WinQuik™ and HeyPal™ respectively. For more information, please visit the Website at or Twitter at or Instagram at

Frank is also CEO of ClickStream, ClickStream’s business operations are focused on the development and implementation of WinQuik™, a free to play synchronized mobile app and digital gaming platform. The platform is designed to enable WinQuik™ users to have fun, interact and compete against each other in order to win real money and prizes. Twitter at @ClickstreamC  @WinQuikApp and their foreign language exchange learning app  @HeyPalApp.

For More Information on this project please head to or


Parcae Capital – Biopharmaceutical Project


Xenetic is a leading UK-based biopharmaceutical company providing leading-edge expertise in the development of a whole new generation of drugs, cancer therapies and vaccines.

Working with some of the largest pharmaceutical organisations in the world, Xenetic provides specialist delivery solutions to improve the efficacy and performance of drugs and vaccines in a number of key medical areas including oncology.

We are also actively developing our own pipeline of next generation biotherapeutics based on our proprietary PolyXen,Oncohist and ImuXen platform technologies.


Product Pipeline

Protein drugs and vaccines

Xenetic’s biopharmaceutical pipeline contains a range of product candidates which are currently under development either in-house or with biotechnology and pharmaceutical partners.  The products in Xenetic’s pipeline have a multi-billion dollar market potential.

Pipeline products are based on Xenetic’s proprietary drug and vaccine delivery technologies and have been developed to offer improved performance and delivery characteristics.  Xenetic’s unique delivery technologies are also able to create new high-value, differentiated proprietary products from off-patent actives.

Xenetic has established a range of partnerships with major US, European, Russian and Asian biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to develop new protein therapeutics and vaccines.  Click here to learn more about the work we do with our partners.

Xenetic Biosciences CEO


Pictured with Parcae Capital’s Frank Magliochetti  (right) are Rick Brutti ( center)  host of  the MYOB Radio Program on the UR Business Network  and M Scott Maguire – Xenetic CEO.


M Scott Maguire, MBA

Xenetic Chief Executive Officer

Mr Maguire joined Xenetic as Chief Executive Officer in April 2004. His background is in life science and healthcare investment banking and he has advised many US and European companies on capital raisings and commercial development over his 22 year career.  Mr Maguire began his banking career with Merrill Lynch in 1987 in New York and after receiving his MBA in 1993, he joined the healthcare division of W.R. Grace National Medical Care where he helped create the international healthcare division.  In 1996 he co-founded the Arthur Andersen global healthcare corporate finance practice based in London.  Mr. Maguire is currently director of Healthcare Capital Partners Limited, a healthcare corporate finance and proprietary investment boutique he co-founded in 2002 and a non-executive director of Renal Services Ltd, a company focused on dialysis service provision in the UK.

Frank Magliochetti is managing partner of Parcae Capital Corporation.