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Parcae Capital is proud to have Fan Band on its roster of clients.  The sports merchandising and marketing sector continues to grow.  Fan Band has strong commitment to original product lines and licensing agreements with many highly coveted and recognized professional and collegiate brands.

Please read through the following information curated from their website to get a better understanding of what Fan Band is all about and where they came from.   Please visit their website by clicking  HERE

FanBand_FrankMagliochettiThe Original Fan Band is the only armband on the market with embroidered designs of player and team jerseys. At a fraction of the cost of an officially licensed embroidered jersey, you can wear your favorite player’s or team’s jersey on your wrist to show your love!

Fan Bands are high quality and durable. They can stand up to everyday wear and tear. Wear them to the gym or running, or wear them in the stands at the next game. Fan Bands are one size fits all, so they’re the perfect present for your favorite sports fan, big or small. Cheerleaders, fans, celebrities and star players are all wearing Fan Bands.

Fan Bands are also highly collectible. You can collect them and trade them with your friends, or challenge yourself to complete an entire collection for your favorite team or league. Never before has owning a jersey for every player been so affordable!

Fan Band is officially licensed by MLB and NBA. Watch this space, because we’re working on bringing you other professional and college leagues! Don’t see your favorite player, team, or league yet? Suggest a new Fan Band design today.

Fan Bands can be purchased here on this site using our secure shopping cart. Fan Bands can also be found at retail and stadium shops across the United States.

The Original Fan Band is the only armband on the market to bear an exact, embroidered replica of your favorite player’s or team’s jersey. The Fan Band’s unique, patent-protected design gives sports lovers of all ages an exciting new way to show their team pride. At under $15, the Fan Band revolutionizes collecting sports memorabilia; never before has it been so affordable to own and collect a jersey for every one of your favorite players and teams. Contact us to suggest a new player, team, or league!

The Story of the FAN BAND

As a successful entrepreneur and business owner, new products often cross my desk, but when the folks at Fan Band contacted me I was particularly intrigued. As a mother, an athlete, and a lifelong Bostonian, raised in Red Sox Nation and filled with Celtic Pride, the concept of the Fan Band immediately had my attention. When I saw it in person, I was even more impressed.

Here’s the story of how the Fan Band came to be…

On a mid-September morning in 2006, Marc Rubin came home hot and sweaty from playing basketball in the Florida sun. He thought he’d go to the store to buy sweatbands, and asked his kids if they wanted to tag along. As he watched his kids play an NBA video game, he had an idea. He asked them if they would wear a sweatband that looked just like a player’s real game jersey. Their response was, “Dad, every kid in the world would!”

At the time, Marc’s brother-in-law made jerseys for the NBA, NFL and MLB. Marc pitched the idea to him, but he didn’t think it would work. So Marc put it on the shelf until 2009, when he had a chance meeting with good friend, Scott Valancy. Scott thought it was a home run idea and was eager to get involved. The product was patented on September 22, 2009, and the long process of product and business development began. Marc got in touch with Jack Smith, legendary founder of Sports Authority, who said that the Fan Band was one of the most exciting new sports items he had personally seen since the Hula-Hoop. We’re thrilled that Jack now serves on our Board of Directors.

Three years later, we at IPC Sports are more excited than ever, as we move into a new phase of product expansion. We currently carry fantastic MLB and NBA Fan Bands with many additional Fan Bands in development. Soon there will be Fan Bands in every sport you can imagine. We even have a few surprises in store for you. We hope you love wearing the Fan Band as much as everyone we know does!

We love to get new ideas and feedback from our customers. Feel free to drop me an e-mail, I’d love to hear from you.

Holly Ruma, President
IPC Sports


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